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Internet buzz creates success story out of company’s entry into crowded infant category
ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. (March 16, 2008) – One year after its introduction, the Foogo™ line of sippy cups, hydration bottles and food jars continues to maintain a leading position in the infant category, especially when it comes to online sales.

Backed by over 100 years of product innovation experience, Thermos® designed the series of stainless steel, vacuum-insulated products to keep infants’ beverages and food at safer temperatures hours longer than competitive products – a fact proven by a 2006 Cornell University study. The Foogo line’s protection against foodborne illness, compounded with its use of plastics free of Bisphenol A (BPA), has made it especially appealing to concerned parents.

“We noticed the buzz before the product even hit shelves, especially among parenting bloggers,” said Rick Dias, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Thermos. “Members of the online media who saw value in the Foogo line began posting links to our Web site, as well as This really kick started our overall sales.”

Thermos witnessed a significant spike in online sales with the introduction of Foogo. sales of Thermos products have doubled, while sales through the company’s own Web site have increased by 150 percent from 2006. Thermos has also seen a dramatic increase in online sales through smaller niche retailers, who do the majority of their business online.

Foogo’s unique health benefits have contributed to its popularity in a market where consumer education is key. “In the infant category, parents are educating themselves on the potentially harmful effects of BPA and the importance of food safety, and they’re looking for products that fit their higher standards,” said Dias. “This speaks volumes for Foogo. Parents have so many options available, and they’ve been choosing our products at an overwhelming rate. It’s been a great chance to open up a dialog with our customers.”

To date, the buzz surrounding Foogo has resulted in over 171 million media impressions, including high-profile coverage by the TODAY show, Newsweek and Parents magazine. Foogo has received several awards and recognitions, including iParenting Media’s "Outstanding Products of the Year 2007" award, a “Best New Product 2008” award from Quick & Simple magazine and the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

As a result of Foogo’s success, Thermos has seen an overall increase in both online and in-store sales among all of its products. The line’s popularity has Thermos committed to providing safe and healthy products for the infant category and has also spawned plans for expanding the product offerings.

Dias and his team see a number of natural extensions possible for the Foogo line. “We’ll build from where we are now by adding new products and new technology. And of course, we’re always listening to our customers for ways to make the next generation of Foogo products even better.”

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Sans BPA Pourquoi Ça Compte

Bisphenol A

Le bisphénol A (BPA) est un produit chimique controversé, qui se trouve dans le revêtement interne de boîtes alimentaires, de certaines bouteilles à eau et d'autres produits. Certains chercheurs ont établi un lien entre ce produit chimique considéré comme un perturbateur hormonal et une quantité de problèmes, notamment des effets sur le comportement et le développement chez les enfants. Thermos ne prend pas de risque et s'est engagé à produire exclusivement des produits sans BPA.